Publishing Services

Your book is a labor of love. You want your book to be perfect, and your readers deserve the best possible reading experience you can deliver. From a cover that catches your reader’s eye to editing, proofreading and everything in between to printing and marketing, we will work with you.

Review & Editing

Our editors will review your manuscript and provide you with the changes thats needed, be it grammatical, spelling or the content!

thumb_01_60_60Book Review

Our editors carefully review your full manuscript and provide you with the changes best suited for your work.

thumb_01_60_60Content Editing

We will work with you to ensure consistency of information and ideas throughout your whole book.

thumb_01_60_60Editorial Assessment

We can provide you a general overview of your manuscript and constructive comments towards improving your writing and book.

thumb_01_60_60Line Editing

We perfect your spelling, punctuation, capitalization, grammar, and syntax. And we’ll provide recommendations for word choices and overall readability improvement.

Cover Design

Our experienced cover designers will work with you, keeping in mind the story and the audience, to create a cover that reflects your work.

Custom Cover Designs

Custom book covers that represent your book, your style and your story.

3 Concepts

We will provide up to 3 concept designs for the cover of your book. You get to chose from what suits you best.


Once you chose a concept, you will get a chance to revise the design until it makes you happy.

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Artwork by our experienced illustrators will elevate the stature of your work. They will work with you to represent your work and style.

thumb_01_60_60Color Illustrations

Our illustrators are experts in creating personalized, intricate and fine detailed illustrations.

thumb_01_60_60Black & White Illustrations

For black & white illustrations, we work with you to create personalized, fine details illustrations to represent your book to the world.


An ISBN (International Standard Book Number) is a controlled, identification number allowing publishers, libraries, and book dealers to locate books.

Crimson ISBN

We will provide you with an ISBN from Crimson Series, that will show us as the publisher. This is free of charge for all the authors who chose our publishing services.

Bring Your ISBN

If you have your own ISBN, we will use that to print the books. With this, you will be the publisher entity for your books.


Our expert legal team will help you to get your own ISBN series.

Sales & Marketing

We will help you with selling and marketing your books on various platforms like book stores, Amazon and other online platforms.

thumb_01_60_60Sell Your Books

We will help you with selling your books, to come up with correct value for your work.

thumb_01_60_60Sell @ Amazon

Want to sell your books on a global e-commerce platform? We can help you with that by selling your books in Amazon to reach a global audience.

thumb_01_60_60Sell At Our Online Store

We have our own e-commerce platform to sell books and other stuff. We will host your work there, where readers can get them easily.


We will help you with advertising your work. Our marketing team will help you to come up with a strategy to attract future readers.

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